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chillin with my boys lloyd banks is swank
mc lars thanked me with a shank for pancakes
its a fake ID time me see me wank
im the fastest fapper famous rapper dapper dank

your laughter stanks eat a mint god damn it
close your mouth bow out my house and can it
and i planned it, a beautiful picnic
rappers eating lunch, god there's no limit

my business is a figment, a fraction of a minute
if you got beef see my neice she will bring it
she's 5 years old she eats mold and can sing it
pick up your phone i know your home and its ringing

king me, i inspected her checkers they were chilling
ive got bling in my grill chill man damn its fillings
ive got billions of billings from millions of killings
mc lars you are hard gangster at large in the building



if you can heal me i can be your tank
ya feel me?! i can plan your wake
you stank! like a potent skunk weed
if your head is itchy i'll rub lotion in your weave

you best believe i'm taking no prisoners
i'd like to thank all my radio listeners
the catholic church is full of shady old ministers
Cassandra Peterson, that lady's so sinister

I'm a winner sir, all i do is win
i huff and i puff all the glue i binge
i'm a big bad wolf but i'm not a lame furry
i didn't blow that house down! i swayed the jury

and these are their stories, we're an elite squad
the stylus crew's a special unit, a gang that beat boggs
i was raped at staples, i was sold a defective labeler
i had to call my boy in, you know detective stabler



all rights reserved



Stylus Bazaar Atlanta, Georgia

Just your friendly neighborhood rap group consisting of two robots and a squidman. Nothing to see here, move along.

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