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colon p

positioned commissioned my cul-de-sac is bitchin
my kitchen is a prison i own a pack of mittens
i wear them in the summer share them with a plumber
my toilet clogged with a log of lumber

i got wood, that makes me look pregnant
if you got lemons, send it to a peasant
it's a present, for all your homies
show me what it's like to bike when your lonley

you know me, im your number one girl
colon p stole 3 summer fun curls
i put 2 in my nose and one in my mouth
i doubt youll have fun when you leave our house

cause we bizarro and sorrow we smak it in the face
i taste like chicken in my smitten secret place
it's the curious case of benjamin bear
he had a bunch of fur, then he bought nair


welcome to my hole i know im known to troll
see me on the pole when im feelin kind of bold
im told im a gentleman im cold in my dental damn
lisa needs braces face it its a dental plan

when i go down i get to the bottom of this
i have a bottle of piss i love models with tits
i coddle with fish and fondle up dicks
ronald mcdonald molests kids

i win money pour honey on my squid body
you worked on my car your car work is shotty
stop me, i came i go go
favorite bird to tame is a dodo

schoolgirl from killbill your name is go go
drive me insane id hit that fap fap fo sho
when the green light is green i claim to go go
i kidnapped santa clause and trapped him in a snow globe


take my dough body and sell it for scraps
smell all my craps sell all my hats
i saw the play cats i was foiled again
i took a big crap broke her toilet like a man

men take big shits thats what we do
turd is the word i like the word poo
im blinded by love like mr magoo
im finding a muff like your sisters vagoo

lets take a canoe to the side store
buy an old western and buy a fine whore
lay her on the floor watch me squash it
missionary position so only i can watch it

i see cow boys in hats dont clown me like that
i got power it pops got my lonley sway back
i got flour in socks yo homie dont play that
i got showered in cocks sony makes gay crap



all rights reserved



Stylus Bazaar Atlanta, Georgia

Just your friendly neighborhood rap group consisting of two robots and a squidman. Nothing to see here, move along.

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