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blown out bellies at the top of mountain tops
at the last party your neighbors had to call the cops
i really like donkey ears because they go flop
i popped a balloon just to watch the fucker pop

i shot myself a man just to watch his heart stop
i love my snot collection it is sectioned into crops
your mom is so hot in the summer watch me watch
i see her take off her cloth nakie time is hot


and i stop to see the ladies when the british are invading
dont give me a look like i dont know what im saying
ill be spraying you with hoses while you model in some poses
then we get cozy with a stogie buy a dozen roses

the best part of the bible were the parts about moses
i focus all my power on picking famous peoples noses
we are your your saviors because we are the bizarro chosen
we'll leave you frozen with the help of icy blue potions


Your mothers a dove, your mothers a dove
i'm the reason youll never find love x4


i know you dont want to see me open up this can
theres a very tiny fan at the center of my hand
and i plan to take the world over with my family fam
we're squidy at the center and we like to eat ham

bam! i just blew your mind
the time that ive wasted i have traced to a mime
i interregated him but he didnt tell me shit
the mime was spiteful and too legit to quit


silence is golden i wish it was a lotion
if mcneal is weed then i am holden
im foldin your clothes im dating a lesbian
gilbert goffrey is my number one favorite thespian

lets go eat at bennigans go act like we are men again
i like super duper sour birds they taste like lemon hens
when you see me on the internet your always calling shenigans
my number one hobby is painting pretty poison pentagrams



its illithid from philly kid can you hear my sonic bids
i filled my fridge with hydroponic pigs
try yo tonic with a little bit of cid
see the world with tantric tunnel vision

get in my kitchen! and bake me a horse!
meat from a horsie is my secret power force
i teach a course at your community college
ill teach all you kids to be motherfucking scholars!


hollar at your boy when you see him unemployed
the economies the best in our bizarro void
my number one joy is christopher lloyd
he went back to the future OY OY!


bizarro pillz your such a punk rocker
i like you so much i have your picture in my locker
my father was a boxer my mother was a copper
they both kicked ass and were really good at soccer




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Stylus Bazaar Atlanta, Georgia

Just your friendly neighborhood rap group consisting of two robots and a squidman. Nothing to see here, move along.

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